The transport of hazardous waste is a complex task.

You must have your own, valid transport permit - for the given type of waste. Our permit is: PE / KTFO / 02058-12 / 2018, on the basis of which we can carry out our activities in the entire territory of Hungary. We also have European experience in export - import licensing.

In the case of transport, both the vehicle and the driver must have an ADR license and the transport is supervised by a dangerous goods transport consultant. (Certificate number: 1422 / H)

Veszélyes hulladékok szállítása

It is necessary to know the properties of the waste being transported, its environmental hazards, its possible impact on the foreground. You need to know our partner's daily operational plan, the resources available, You must be familiar with the laws, regulations, Appropriate fleet, container and other packaging solutions as well as trained and courteous drivers,

Veszélyes hulladék szállítása


And finally, we need to know how much it is worth to our partner to get the management of their hazardous waste into safe hands.